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Omaha Concrete Repair & Maintenance

Once concrete is installed it requires routine maintenance as issues will appear. Omaha, Nebraska concrete curbs, sidewalks and ramps are subject to abuse from cars and trucks, heavy machinery, and even trees and weather. Regardless of the damage, many times the only fix is to remove and replace damaged concrete. Detail is important with these projects – ensuring everything goes back the exact same way it came out. Or, if directed to do so, making changes to what is there in order to enhance the attractiveness and/or safety.

The key to a long-lasting Omaha concrete repair lies in bonding the old concrete to the new material. Many facilities managers think that a new patching material will automatically ‘stick’ to the old concrete, but it’s simply not true. It takes skill and experience to get the new concrete repair to work with the old concrete installation. Big Red Concrete offers services that address these issues including:

◾ Power Grinding: Machines with diamond blades will grind off lips and lifts on concrete installations.


◾ Concrete Trip Fall Hazard Repair: Many sidewalks over time will heave or settle producing a rise or depression between joints in concrete sidewalks, lead walks, patios etc. Left untreated these breaks produce trip fall hazards. A trip / fall hazard produces unwanted liabilities for property managers and owners.

◾ Cracked Concrete Repair: Cracked concrete could be the result of freeze / thaw damage, poor quality concrete or the result of damage due to stress. The fact is, concrete cracks are the main reason construction and expansion joints are placed in concrete, to control cracking once it starts. The underlying cause of the crack or cracking, and the thickness of the cracks, will determine whether or not the area should be repaired. An area of sidewalk that has obvious underlining problems such as tree root problems, freeze/thaw, soft soil and the issues have caused cracks ½ inch or wider should be addressed.

◾ Concrete Temperature Change Damage Repair: Just about any aggregate material that is subjected to vacillating temperatures will contract and then expand in cycle. The effect will usually show as cracks in the concrete. Especially on sidewalks, rainwater will penetrate under the sidewalk and erode its integrity. The temperature cycle will cause the ground under the sidewalk to expand pushing the sidewalk up. This shows itself in the form of heaved sections of sidewalk. There are different techniques for dealing with these issues but the most common repair is to remove and replace.


◾ Concrete Tree Root Damage Repair: Any new construction that has outside space will most likely have sidewalk and landscaping as part of their site package. During the initial construction, the trees that are installed are small. As those trees mature their roots grow and expand. If and when they run under a sidewalk, they will exert upward pressure and cause the surrounding concrete to heave. This can and will remain a chronic problem. Arriving at the best solution usually typically requires a site visit to determine the best course of action. Our cutting to remove tree roots may involve the use of a stump grinder.

◾ Omaha Concrete Pitting Repair: All concrete will deteriorate over time. “Pitting” is the decay of the surface layer of the cement. This is an obvious detail to diagnose — if you start to see the aggregate within the surface you have pitting. Once pitting starts, it will usually expand at an exponential rate and require repair soon. The obvious symptom is if the aggregate within the concrete begins to come loose and fall out. Like most concrete repairs, the fix is to cut out the deteriorated area and replace it with new.

◾ ADA Compliance: There are certain federal standard guidelines that properties have to accommodate the disabled and Big Red Concrete is intimately familiar with those regulations. It is critical that both the asphalt, concrete curbs and handicap ramp be installed at a maximum and minimum slope percentage. State and/or local inspectors will make certain that all handicap access is properly installed. Improper installation will result in delaying the occupancy permit. This becomes even more important when working in a HUD project as these types of issues can also delay funding expected from HUD.

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